Pascack Datacom

Every Network Begins with a Cable....

  • We have extensive experience dealing with multi-campus environments for public corporations and private facilities.

    Legacy Equipment cabling is not foreign to our staff. We have installed and connected, Twin-ax, coax, Type I, DB25, thicknet, thinnet and Bus & Tag cables. We have performed specialty device cabling for Ultrasound units, Radiology equipment from AGFA, Kodak and GE, Laproscopy systems in Operating Rooms, Laboratory measurement equipment from Kodak, Atlas and Clinitek, Cath Lab equipment from Siemens, Video Conferencing systems, Digital Dictation systems and HVAC equipment. Our staff has been trained and certified with many copper and fiber connecting hardware manufacturers including; Ortronics, Leviton, Panduit, Berktek, Mohawk, 3M, Siemon and T&B. We utilize testing and monitoring equipment from Wavetek/Acterna, Microtest and Fluke.

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